Planning the future through transformative imagination

Storytelling Thinking® is a process that uses story ideation techniques — particularly cinematic ones — to spark trajectories of change and growth.


It allows you to reformulate your way of thinking and to shape your future through transformative action. It recounts possible scenarios and determines effective and efficient strategies.

Storytelling Thinking® offers the possibility of playing out different versions of the future, to visualize alternatives in concrete ways, and to imagine tomorrow as if it were happening today.

Storytelling Thinking® extracts the techniques that underlie the narrative process, bringing them out of the writers’ room and transforming them into a method that is repeatable, feasible, and simplified.


It is an accelerator: thanks to the power of imagination and narrative, it fosters the implementation of a tried and true process.

Who do we do this for?

For Universities

Activate a master class in your school and provide your students with an innovative tool for analysis and strategy.

For People

Participate in one of our Storytelling Thinking® workshops and learn how to rethink your life and build the story of your future.

For Companies

Contact our consulting brand Bold Stories and discover how to improve your business and reach your objectives.

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